Everything you need to know about Navitas Pathways

Over the past ten years, IDP Egypt has established and maintained a very successful partnership with NAVITAS Professional, and we have even more to offer international students. Navitas has a wide range of cooperation agreements with high and medium-sized universities to assist students seeking undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Let’s give you an overview of IDP Egypt and NAVITAS Professional

IDP is the world’s largest provider of international education services. We assist international students who are pursuing degrees in English-speaking countries. Our success comes from matching students with the right course, university or institution and study destination.

We partner with over 800 of the world’s top universities, schools and colleges in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

Navitas is an Australian professional development and training service that enables tertiary students, graduates and young professionals to secure workplaces, as well as receive mentoring and training from renowned Australian and international companies.

These programs help students acquire skills that will help them advance in their business professions. The team offers Work Integrated Learning programs adapted to higher education, vocational education and industry partners.

Why is IDP working with Navitas?

Over the past 50+ years, IDP has connected international students with the best universities and educational organizations around the world, and we are delighted to have Navitas on our list as it offers a foundation year that prepares students for entry into top or intermediate level institutions in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada. Find the right program for you on Navitas.

How do IDP and Navitas help students?

Together, IDP and Navitas map out the journey for students to study abroad. Navitas helps students access a variety of partial scholarship opportunities within their partner universities. In addition, offering pre-university and pathway programs at universities, English language and vocational training, and bachelor’s and postgraduate courses. On the other hand, the IDP helps them by facilitating the admission and visa processes, booking accommodations and pre-departure support sessions.